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Race Car Preparation

LynxAE, Unit 1, Hill View, Raunds Road, Chelveston, Wellingborough NN9 6AA

Tel : 07831 556973   email :

Established 1986

1.4kw Denso Performance  
Rated Power
Rated Voltage
12.00 V
Free Run Speed
5306 RPM
Free Run Current
64 Amp
Max Of Power
1.66 kW
Max Of Torque
18.58 Nm
Max Of Current
472 Amp
10 Amp
Hold Current
11 Amp
Pull Current
41 Amp
Voltage Drop
0.6644 V

1.4kW Power
1.4kW Speed
1.4kW Voltage
1.4kW Torque

42.5Nm required in order to ‘stall’ starter during operation.