Mini R1 - Classic Mini bike engine conversion kit FWD

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Established 1986

Why buy our kit?

Firstly when you see the engine installed with our kit I am sure you will agree it looks right, as if it is meant to be there. However there are a number of other key points to consider when deciding which kit to go for. With the LynxAE kit,

- There are no body modifications.
Minimal subframe modifications..
- No need to send your subframe for modification.
- Uses existing standard radiator in original position.
- It is easy to swap from 'A' series to R1 and back (our kit uses the original engine mountings). In fact you could for example do a sprint with an R1 engine fitted and the following weekend do a classic hill climb with a 'A' series fitted.
- You get a plated LSD supplied as standard.
- All parts are manufactured to very high standards, as you would expect.
- Professionally manufactured TIG welded Stainless steel exhaust manifold as standard.
- Gear ratio can be changed in situ.
- We have been in the motorsport industry since 1986 so we know what it takes to make a fast reliable car.
- You can benefit from our years of experience of Mini's and motorbike powered cars.

Kit contents

Photo courtesy of Matt Woods photography

We have recently finalised the sale of our R1 Mini Kit to Harrogate Bespoke Classic Mini
Please contact Steve at for prices and availability

LynxAE R1 engine cradle powder coated in black
Bespoke TIG welded stainless steel exhaust manifold & fittings
Plated LSD differential & bespoke alloy mountings
Front sprocket
Rear sprocket
Reverse gear
Radiator duct (ready for painting)
Silicon coolant pipes & clips
Electric fan
Clutch slave cylinder, pipe, lever and rod
Splined 5" gear change arm to fit R1 engine
Throttle cable
Fitting kit containing nuts, bolts & sundries
Template for subframe modification
Free modification of your engine stabilizer
Free modification of your drive shafts

Bespoke stainless steel exhaust manifold.

Manual gearchange option.


Oil accumulator (prevents oil surge when cornering hard).
Oil accumulator fitting kit.
Manual gear change.
New bespoke heavy duty drive shaft LH.
New bespoke heavy duty drive shaft RH.


Mini output flange - Replaces pot joint to allow use of Hardy Spicer drive shaft joints. more...

£120.00 each



Race Aluminium Radiator
Yamaha R1 carb jetting kit.
Flip front subframe brace bars.

POLESTAR engine ECU mapped for a Yamaha R1 engine.
POLESTAR loom for a Yamaha R1 engine

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Engine in cradle ready to install
in a customers car

No body modifications required.
The car above has standard
front and inner wings still installed.

Parts you need to complete your conversion  

Yamaha R1 engine (1998 - 2003) Click for R1 engine specs.
Yamaha R1 engine loom & ECU.
You will need to modify your engine stabilizer length.
Fuel pump to suit your engine.
Clutch cable from Yamaha R1.
Performance air filter.
2" performance Mini exhaust.
Mini pot joints & diff output covers.
Uprated competition clutch from Barnet Clutches.
Height adjustable suspension such as Hi-Lo's.

Parts we recommended you purchase & fit  

Performance brakes such as,
             Vented discs & 4 pot calipers
Adjustable dampers front & rear.
Adjustable front suspension arms (Caster & camber).
Rear camber and tracking adjustment.
Uprated bushes for engine stabilizer




Wolf in sheeps clothing MK1 Cooper

Our kit fitted in a Mini Minus

This car has very standard interior which hides the beast beneath. Modified standard standard gear lever connected to a semi automatic gear change system.

Kit installed in a Sports Pack equiped Mini

LynxAE works Mini R1

Two R1 Minis awaiting customer collection