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Established 1986

We have recently finalised the sale of our R1 Mini Kit to Harrogate Bespoke Classic Mini
Please contact Steve at for prices and availability

No body mods required.
Project car above has standard
front and inner wings still installed

Engine in cradle ready to install
in a customers car

Wolf in sheeps clothing MK1 Cooper

Our kit fitted in a Mini Minus
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15th Jan 2014
Manual gearchange for our Mini R1 conversion kit now available at £150 + VAT. We have them on the shelf ready for shipment. To keep inline with the rest of the kit the only modification required to the car to fit this is a hole in the bulk head.
13th Dec 2012
Customers Mini R1 x2 takes to the road. This car has a LynxAE Mini R1 conversion up front and a Z Cars R1 conversion in the rear. Yes thats 2 R1 engines and 4 wheel drive. see pics...
5th June 2012
Building batch of 20 LynxAE Mini R1 kits
18th May 2012
First LynxAE Mini R1 kit outside europe shipped this week, destination USA
15th March 2012
11 kits shipped to date
11th Feb 2012
Mini R1 kits are selling well, first kit in France arrived at it's new owner this week.
14th Jan 2012
Check the progress of our Race car. click here...
2nd Dec 2011
Our Race Mini shell went off for painting today.
27th Sept 2011
The build of our Yamaha R1 powered Mini Race car is coming on well for next season.
13th Sept 2011
Jasons Mini Minus is returning good mpg. Average driving A and B roads 25mpg. Cruising at 70 mph approx 5000rpm up to 30ish mpg.
13th Sept 2011
LynxAE Mini R1 kit in Mini World Oct issue, to quote "Graham Thorn’s Mk1 Mini has a stonking 149bhp on tap, thanks to a motorbike engine". Get your copy to read the full article.
15th Aug 2011
Cars received alot of interest at MITP on Sunday, The kit installed in Jasons car has now done over 1000 trouble free miles (click for photo)
9th Aug 2011
We (Jason and his Mini Minus and LynxAE and a Mini R1) will be at MITP (Mini in the park) at SantaPod this sunday coming.
13th July 2011
Mini R1 kit #2 sold.
8th July 2011
1st Mini R1 kit sold today.
6th July 2011
Jason will be running his Mini Minus fitted with our R1 engine conversion kit down the strip at Avon Park on 9/10th July 2011. Why not go along and see how he gets on.
29th June 2011

Latest update on Jason's Mini Minus. Following the rolling road session and suspension setup last Saturday the car runs like a dream now and god is it quick. Car weighs 500kg dead. All seems good temperature is stable around 85 degrees, rises to 95 when flat out, still very good. Gearing wise so far Jason is getting 64 mph in first and about 87mph in second.

26th June 2011
Kit and option prices now released. Go to Prices.
26th June 2011
Jason has been taking advantage of the sun and has done 300 faultless miles in his R1 powered Mini Minus today.
25th June 2011

We had Jason and his Mini Minus fitted with our R1 kit on the rolling road today. Re-jetted and now ready to go. 147 mph at @10,000 rpm on the rollers !!
You will be able to see Jason and his Mini Minus at the following shows,
      Gaydon on 3rd July 2011
      Avon Park on 9/10th July 2011
      Cornbury on 24th July 2011

24th June 2011
Read all about our R1 conversion in the July/August 2011 issue of tkc magazine.
8th June 2011
Jason who agreed to buy a prototype kit has got his kit installed and just got his car (Mini Minus) MOTd. You can see his build progress at The Mini Forum.
7th June 2011
First kits coming on well. Pricing nearly finished
17th May 2011
Manufacturing of the first kits is going well.
7th May 2011
The first 10 kits are being manufactured over the next few weeks. Kit price and options will be available soon after.
8 April 2011
Mini R1 in the press more...
30th March 2011
Testing exceeded our expectations. Initially the car was exciting to say the least, some minor suspension tweaks rectified this and the conversion ran faultlessly all day and covered 40 road miles, boy is it fast.
27th March 2011
Tomoorow will be a day of testing.
19th March 2011
Due to problems with the windsreen wiper motor on this MK1 the MOT was delayed, However I am happy to say that it has now been MOTd and almost ready for road testing to start. The MOT station loved the big black line we left.....
5th March 2011
Some final tweeks are being done so that road testing can start.
10th Dec 2010
All is looking good aso far the customers car (which happens to be the development car) goes off for an MOT this week so that on road testing can start.
2nd Dec 2010
The gearchange is now finished and road testing is due to start this week.