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Race Car Preparation

LynxAE, Unit 1, Hill View, Raunds Road, Chelveston, Wellingborough NN9 6AA

Tel : 07831 556973   email :

Established 1986

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HRD (Handley Racing Developments)

Tis bike is unique in that it is all manufactured and designed by HRD. Key features are,

Carbon fibre frame
Carbon fibre wheels
HRD 600cc Single cylinder billet engine
Fuel injection

On the rolling road being mapped

Roger Hurst / Yamaha FZ750

Before starting out on his own racing career Jon Lee was a mechanic for Roger Hurst.

Transatlantic Challenge
Brands Htach 17th April 1987

Roger Hurst Yamaha FZ750 sponsered by,
Haslemere Motor Cycles, Coulson Racing, D and A News.

Transatlantic Challenge 1987 British Team
Ron Haslam - Honda
Keith Huewen - Yamaha
Trevor Nation - Yamaha
Richard Scott - Honda
Phil Mellor - Suzuki
Geof Fowler - Yamaha
Ray Swann - Suzuki
Gary Lingham - Boyer Kawasaki
Roger Hurst - Yamaha
Simon Buckmaster - Honda
Peter Dalby - Suzuki
Mark Phillips - Padgett Suzuki
Jamie Whitham - Suzuki

Lynx AE's MIL Instruments
Quick Shift development bike