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Race Car Preparation

LynxAE, Unit 1, Hill View, Raunds Road, Chelveston, Wellingborough NN9 6AA

Tel : 07831 556973   email :

Established 1986

Bike engine cars
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Works Mini R1 race car
Yamaha R1 engine conversion by LynxAE more...
Our works race car is to be Mini Miglia spec but running our Yamaha R1 engine conversion.

Jon Lee in a LynxAE Mini R1 (pictured here) finished 2nd overall in the all comers race watch in car video

Tony Ferrell / Mini R1 x2
Yes 2 R1 engines, 4 wheel drive.
LynxAE Mini R1 kit up front and Z Cars R1 conversion in the Rear


Jason Derby / Mini Minus LynxAE Yamaha R1 power
Yamaha R1 engine conversion by LynxAE more...

Simon Ray / ADR Yamaha R1 power
engine conversion by LynxAE
Fitted with LynxAE Reverse Gear and MIL QuickShift SA

Graham Thorn / LynxAE Mini R1
Yamaha R1 engine conversion by LynxAE more...
Fitted with LynxAE Reverse Gear an
MIL QuickShift SA

Matthew Chamberlain / Lynx AE LR1300
Keep upto date with Matthew's LynxAE LR1300 build diary.

Richard Chamberlain at the wheel of his flame spitting Porsche 911
Picture courtesy of Keith Neilson

Lynx AE LR1300
2 seat GT car, Engine : Yamaha R1 or Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc / 1340cc.
More details available at

Lynx AE LR1
80's Lemans inspired 2 seat GT car / 1000cc Yamaha R1 engine or 1300cc Hayabusa.
More details available at

Rage Motorsport / Honda 1000cc
Rolling road tuning.

Steve Naish / MGR1
MG Midget running a 1000cc Yamaha R1 engine.
Full conversion by LynxAE

As featured in April issue of retro cars.
Pictures courtesy of :
Steve Jones
Richard Pulley
Tony Sissions
Retro cars magazine